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Magdaline Gaines

Magdaline Gaines

Bright Light Consulting is a business & nonprofit management consulting firm based in Sanford, Florida. We believe our clients success is our success and we place our clients business needs first. Bright Light Consulting empower business leaders and organizations to be more effective, innovative, and transformative. We do this by discovering user needs, encouraging creative disruption, applying forward thinking methodologies, implementing change, and delivering sophisticated solutions.  

The mission of Bright Light Consulting is to bring tools of better management, organization, and profitability to privately held, small to mid-sized businesses; and to deliver services with integrity and transparency. Bright Light Consulting primary objective in every interaction, is to put the interests of the client first.

Meet our Owner

Brightlight Consulting CEO


What sets Bright Light Consulting  apart in our management consulting process is our philosophy of partnering with our clients to maintain long-term relationships that ensure the processes we develop and implement are sustainable and continue to foster a company’s growth and profitability By engaging long term in a Lifecycle Relationship we continue to serve and support our clients through each stage of their business.  We help protect the interests of our clients from a total business perspective and help keep them on track to achieve their goals. We consider it an honor to provide our management consulting services that can dramatically impact a client’s business, family, and ultimately the community. The gratification of assisting business owners to achieve more than they thought possible is what drives us each and every day.

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